Lots of people start their day by having cereals for breakfast. While enjoying breakfast you probably don’t realize the importance of the glue that is keeping the cereal box together. But don’t be mistaken, although glue is only a very small part of the packaging solution, it’s a critical one that has to guarantee a solid bond, with no risk of any hazardous chemicals migrating into your food.

In 2011 Corbion joined forces with chemical specialty company Perstorp for the development of products for CASE markets (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers). This cooperation is based on good chemistry between these two companies

Corbion is a market leader in lactide monomers - a unique renewable material made from “nature’s own” lactic acid; while Perstorp is a global leader in caprolactone monomers, with an extensive history in the specialty chemicals market for a wide variety of industries and applications.After four years of working together we are now scaling up products for adhesives.

Creating opportunities
For decades the adhesives industry has formulated hot melt adhesive products based on conventional fossil-oil based ingredients. With these ingredients, adhesive companies have formulated thousands of hot melts serving a wide variety of customer needs and requirements.

Now Corbion and Perstorp have introduced CAPA-PURALACT, a fully compostable product that is more than 80% biobased which enables adhesive manufacturers to meet a growing customer demand for safe, high performance and more sustainable products.

But this is easier said than done: Because this is new chemistry for the industry, adhesive formulators will need to change the way they formulate adhesives based on this new technology. And this in turn creates opportunities for those who successfully achieve it, enabling themselves to differentiate from their competition.

Making things happen
This ‘one in a decade’ innovation is challenging the status quo, and requires people who are open minded and ready to think outside the box. It also means that the potential of the new technology must add value for the industry to compensate for the time and effort invested to incorporate the new technology into a final product.

It’s a journey that is not just about great technology, but much more about people that think alike and are ready to do whatever it takes to take an industry forward.

Having a great product is one thing, but having great chemistry between people is what it takes to really make good things happen…