Corbion's Richard van Kranenburg appointed special professor at Wageningen University

Dr. Richard van Kranenburg has been appointed Special Professor of Bacterial Cell Factories in the Microbiology chair group at Wageningen University, with effect from 1 May 2016.

His main focus in this position will be research into the bacterial production of green chemicals, such as organic acids, from renewable raw materials. This chair is funded by Corbion with the aim of achieving breakthroughs in bacterial cells as a factory for the development of renewable raw materials. Van Kranenburg has been associated with the Microbiology group since 2009, as a guest scientist and tutor. This appointment formalizes and strengthens his role in those capacities.

By supporting this academic position, Corbion is reinforcing its strategic focus upon biobased ingredients and innovations, as well as reconfirming its close and long-established relationship with the Microbiology group and Professor doctor Willem de Vos. "With this appointment," De Vos says, "Wageningen University is further developing an important scientific theme. Given his professional record and practical experience, we expect Professor Van Kranenburg to give this field a real boost."

Richard van Kranenburg completed his training in Molecular Sciences at Wageningen University. His PhD studies, conducted at NIZO Food Research, focused upon the genetics of lactic acid bacteria. After several further years at NIZO, in 2001 he joined Corbion (then Purac) as a researcher in molecular biology. Under his leadership, the company's Molecular Biology Group evolved into a team specializing in the development of micro-organisms for the production of organic acids. Van Kranenburg currently holds the position of Corporate Scientist, Cell Factories, at Corbion.

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