Corbion Purac Research Offers New Insights on Opti.Form®

Results demonstrate that Opti.Form® does more than provide top shelf Listeria control, it also delivers extended shelf life, improved cook yield, purge control and texture enhancement of finished meat and poultry products

Two decades ago, Corbion Purac developed the Opti.Form® portfolio, combining lactate with diacetate to control Listeria growth in meat and poultry products. Over the years, Opti.Form has become widely recognized as the industry standard for Listeria control.

Twenty years of trusted industry use and academic research has provided a plethora of data showing the Opti.Form portfolio also extends shelf life, increases cook yield, reduces purge and improves texture of processed meat product.

"Consumers want safe meat and poultry products that look great, taste delicious and stay fresh longer," says David Charest, VP Meat Industry . "With Opti.Form, our customers can deliver on all those expectations. The new data validates the comprehensive value that Opti.Form provides."

Research indicates that the Opti.Form formulations are optimized to:

  • Extend shelf life while lowering salt levels
  • Improve moisture control delivering enhanced cook yield from 3-6%
  • Enhance sliceability characteristics

As always, the Opti.Form portfolio helps keep food safe, inhibiting the growth of Listeria monocytogenes and other pathogens.

Charest adds, "We are focused on providing food safety solutions which include not only a diverse portfolio but also industry leading analytical tools backed by our team of food safety and preservation experts."

Corbion Purac offers an on-line Listeria Control Model. This model provides customers with predictive growth modeling capabilities to help reduce product development time. Corbion Purac's  preservative comparator tool helps formulators predict relative differences in shelf life with different antimicrobials.

To learn more about the Opti.Form portfolio, the Listeria Control Model or other available tools visit

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