Corbion's PURAC® Powder receives approval for use in confectionery in Canada.

PURAC® Powder MA, the revolutionary coated malic acid from Corbion, has been granted approval for use in sugar confectionery products in Canada. Suitable for acid sanded confectionery, this unique (non-fat) coated malic acid remains stable even in products with an extended shelf life and delivers an instant but long-lasting sour taste.

Now available to confectioners in Canada, PURAC Powder MA can help to meet growing demand for increasingly extreme and sour taste profiles while also delivering enhanced product stability. Many acids used in candy applications are coated with fat, which can lead to stability issues including hygroscopicity, acid migration, gelatin degradation and off flavors. This results in stickiness and a loss of textural integrity with impaired visual appeal. Acid migration into the candy also means traditional acid powders lose their immediate upfront sourness, especially in long shelf life products. PURAC Powder MA, however, has been proven in many end products to remain dry throughout the shelf life and dissolves much faster on consumption than fat coatings. This results in an instantaneous, refreshing burst of acidity. Its fresh, fruity taste profile and long-lasting stability make it ideal for acid sanding.

"Following our successful launch of PURAC Powder MA in Europe and the US, we're extremely pleased to announce the product and its twin benefits are now available to formulators in Canada," comments Ardie van Lankveld, Market Manager Sweet at Corbion. "Consumers are continuously looking for new and increasingly extreme flavor experiences. Meanwhile, as supply chains become longer, they also want limitless access to snacks and candy, placing increased emphasis on product stability. Achieving optimal stability and appearance is therefore a significant challenge for confectioners. PURAC Powder MA helps to overcome these challenges as well as deliver a more intense sourness".

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