Corbion at K: launching Luminy® PLA bioplastics portfolio

Corbion will be exhibiting at the K plastics industry trade fair in Dusseldorf under the theme 'Shaping the future of performance PLA bioplastics'.  This 2016 edition of K is the launch platform for Corbion's new brand name Luminy®: comprising the entire neat resin PLA portfolio. A number of partner applications will be shown to demonstrate the versatility and performance aspects of PLA bioplastics: from packaging to consumer electronics, automotive to agriculture.

Corbion introduces Luminy at K 2016

Introducing Luminy®: PLA bioplastics for our brighter future

The brand name Luminy® reflects the innovative, bright nature of PLA , alongside the natural, renewable origins - it is the luminous sunlight that provides life to feedstock for this new plastic. The portfolio includes both high heat and standard PLA resins, tailored to the most common plastics production technologies in various molecular weights:

Luminy PLA bioplastics portfolio from Corbion

High heat PLA for high performance applications

Nager-IT PLA bioplastic mouse

Applications on display include a new bioplastic mouse from Nager-IT as well as the well-known bioplastic touchscreen computer from SUPLA and Kuender. Also, high performance under-the-hood and interior automotive parts from Roechling and PlanturaTM and the BioFoam surfboard from Synbra will be shown. These parts demonstrate the performance possibilities for applications with high heat PLA.


The popular high heat single-use coffee cups and injection molded multi-use cups will also be 
demonstrated with a live barista on the stand. Visitors are welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee and more information. 

Driving agricultural efficiency: bioplastic root containers

Bioplastic root containers for rubber treesNew to this edition of K show are the PLA bioplastic root protection containers developed to improve agricultural and environmental efficiency of rubber trees in Thailand: an application that has been nominated for the Bioplastics Award at the upcoming European Bioplastics Conference in Berlin, Germany. 
Corbion & Succinity for PLA + PBS compounds

Corbion and Succinity are promoting a model biopolymer compound of PLA and PBS that offers strong heat resistance, balanced mechanical properties, biodegradability and a high biorenewable content. The blended properties of PLA and PBS are interesting for various applications, such as food serviceware, food packaging and coffee capsules. 
Additional bioplastic applications on show include toothbrushes courtesy of PolyAlloy, PLA-lined paper cups from totempak and lids from WinGram, 3D printed items with unique 'sparkly' effects courtesy of Fillamentum, disposable ice cream spoons, and a bioplastic-textile composite clock from DenimX.
Visit Corbion in Hall 5, stand B22, to see our partner applications for yourself and learn more about how you can make the switch to Luminy® PLA bioplastics.

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