Corbion : Receives New Patent Grant for Vinegar Powder

Corbion has been granted a European patent for its unique vinegar powder. This patented technology covers a composition and process for producing the powdered vinegar, and use of it as a preservative in meat and other food and beverages.

To meet consumer demands for familiar ingredients, food manufacturers are looking for natural solutions that can replace artificial agents. Vinegar, is familiar to consumers, and is a rich source of acetic acid and a well-known inhibitor of microbes and pathogens. Liquid vinegar may be the best known source, but isn't always a viable choice.

Thanks to the technical expertise and innovative research at Corbion, food manufacturers have a unique choice of a stable, free flowing powdered vinegar solution. Corbion has just been granted a European patent for powdered vinegar. These powdered vinegars were developed early in this decade for natural meat and poultry products. This natural ingredient extends shelf life and keeps food safe while delivering consumer friendly labeling. Equivalent patent applications are pending in the US and CA.

 "Corbion scientists developed a process for the production of a powdered vinegar that is ideal for ready-to-eat and fresh meat and poultry products. Using powdered vinegar allows manufacturers an easy solution to provide cleaner labels, visually appealing and delicious products consumers want, along with microbial stability and prolonged shelf life," says David Charest, Vice President, Meat Industry.

Charest says Corbion is in the vinegar ingredient business, and as a meat industry leader, has a long history of bringing unique and innovative products and services to the market.

"This patent, which covers among others our Verdad Powder N6 vinegar, continues our tradition of pushing the boundaries in technology and food science, so we can provide the very best solutions for our customers," Charest says.

The European Patent number is EP 2880146 B1, the US Published Application number is US 2015/0225683 A1, and is based on a 2012 provisional filing.

Powdered vinegar solutions are currently available to customers. To learn more about it, visit

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