Corbion joins Charter for Sustainable Cleaning of the American Cleaning Institute

The American Cleaning Institute® (ACI) determined that Corbion meets all requirements of the ACI Charter for Sustainable Cleaning and upgraded our membership to a Member in Good Standing.

The ACI Charter for Sustainable Cleaning is a common, voluntary approach of the cleaning products industry to promote and demonstrate continual improvement in the industry's sustainability profile.

ACI's sustainability mission is to: "Benefit society and improve the quality of life through hygiene and cleanliness by driving sustainability improvements across our industry and throughout the supply chain."
This Charter is a major initiative of ACI to fulfill this mission.

Designed to go beyond basic legal requirements, the Charter is a framework for driving the industry toward common sustainability goals by requiring companies to have systems in place for continual assessment, review, and improvement of sustainability performance at every important stage of the product lifecycle, including raw material selection, resource use, product specification, manufacturing, end-use and disposal of products and packaging, and occupational health and safety.

To join the Charter, Corbion participates in ACI's Sustainability Metrics Program and is implementing a set of Essential Sustainability Procedures and Activities, which apply to the design, raw material use, manufacture, consumer use, and disposal of products and packaging.

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