New Corbion Antimicrobial Helps Processors Keep Pace with Meat Snack Trends

Verdad® Opti Powder XM10 gives manufacturers an effective, clean-label way to inhibit mold in higher-moisture meat snacks.

Corbion launches the meat industry's first clean-label antimicrobial that rivals potassium sorbate for mold inhibition, even in applications most vulnerable to mold.  With consumer demand for meat snacks continuing its upward trajectory, marketers are introducing an increasing array of varieties and formats, including softer, high-moisture products. But those high-moisture meat snacks and pet treats are more susceptible to mold spoilage and also helps to control the Staphylococcus aureus outgrowth, and the traditional solution for dealing with that challenge - potassium sorbate - is turning off a growing number of label-conscious consumers. That is why Corbion has developed Verdad®Opti Powder XM10, a clean-label antimicrobial solution that is highly effective at inhibiting mold growth, in addition to providing pathogen protection and longer shelf life.

 "The ability of Verdad® Opti Powder XM10 to provide outstanding control of pathogens and spoilage organisms is a critical competitive asset for processors," said Tom Rourke, Ph.D., Director Business Development at Corbion, "but in applications where mold control is a particular challenge, that's where it really stands out as something uniquely powerful. Being able to tackle the mold spoilage challenge without alienating consumers looking for a clean ingredient label just hasn't been possible before now. We believe this product can really impact sales for our customers."

The company's Verdad® range of solutions is based on ingredients such as vinegars, ferment blends, citrus flour and natural flavor, enabling more consumer-friendly ingredient labeling while extending shelf life, improving yield and enhancing safety without sacrificing quality.

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