Create a zero incident and zero waste Corbion

Environmental, Health and Safety

Corbion aims to create a safe and healthy workspace with the goal of having zero incidents because we believe no job is so important that it cannot be done safely and with minimal environmental impact. We therefore operate with the greatest care for safety, health, and the environment for our employees and the communities we engage with. Our activities are supported by a management system that includes policies, procedures, training, and feedback, which ascertain that we comply with laws and regulations applicable to our operations and act in accordance with our company standards and codes. Corbion leadership and employees are committed to achieving a zero incident culture. Corbion fosters an open and transparent culture by encouraging all employees to report, amongst others, all near misses and events in order to continuously improve our safety and environmental performance. Our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) framework clarifies the specific responsibilities of the local sites versus the global EHS platform.

Zero waste

Our zero waste ambition focuses on the reduction of waste by valorizing all our by-products by 2020 and eliminating waste to landfill completely by 2030. In this way, we maximize the value that we generate from the resources we consume. This ambition contributes to the shift from a linear economy, based on a take-make-dispose system to a circular economy that is waste-free and regenerative by design.

In our lactic acid production process we generate significant quantities of valuable by-products, such as gypsum. Per ton of lactic acid, almost 2 tons of by-product are produced. The majority of these by-products are valorized, but occasionally they do end up in landfill. We try to avoid this by developing new outlets and by implementing our gypsum-free production process in future lactic acid plants.


Renewable electricity

Corbion aims to be 100% powered by renewable electricity by 2030. To achieve this goal, we combine on-site generation with the purchase of renewable electricity from our suppliers.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Corbion has committed to reducing our CO2 emissions related to energy, key raw materials, and transport by 33% per ton of product by 2030 from a 2016 base year. This target has been approved by the Science Based Targets intitiative, which implies that it is aligned with the Paris climate agreement.

To fulfill this pledge, we have developed a roadmap, including the following actions, some of which are already in motion.

  • Transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2030
  • Implement energy-saving projects in our manufacturing sites
  • Select the most energy-efficient technology available when equipment is replaced
  • Establish an R&D program to identify opportunities for heat integration, electrification, and recycling
  • Partner with key raw material suppliers to jointly reduce CO2 emissions




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