Creating sustainable solutions for our customers

We aim to maximize our contribution to Zero hunger (SDG2) and Responsible production and consumption (SDG12) by growing our business in sustainable solutions. Our food ingredients help keeping food fresh and safe from production until consumption, which reduces food waste and helps to make food accessible and affordable. We also offer solutions for healthier food, such as our non-PHO emulsifier portfolio and our algae oils.

Our biochemicals and bioplastics support the transition to a circular economy by offering an alternative for fossil-based resources, with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, toxicity, and waste generation. Plastic packaging currently is an iconic example of the linear economy, with 80-120 billion US dollar in material value loss annually, after a short first use. Increased recycling, combined with the use of biobased plastics to decouple plastics from fossil feedstocks, is critical to achieve the new plastics economy proposed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Sustainability assessment of innovation projects
To ensure alignment of our innovation projects with our sustainability ambitions, we assess new product and process development projects against the relevant material themes in our sustainability strategy. The assessment is integrated in our innovation stage gate process and provides guidance to the project team on sustainability-related matters. This warrants that sustainability is an integrated part of the product and process design and that potential issues can be tackled at an early stage. The assessment is also used to identify sustainability benefits that can be included in the value proposition of the new product.

Life Cycle Assessment
Corbion uses Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)as a tool to understand the environmental impacts of a product from the extraction of resources to their use and end of life. To enable our customers to make conscious choices, we will perform cradle-to-gate LCAs for 50% of our products by 2020. Using this data, we can work side by side with customers to support them on the improvement of their environmental footprint and on the substantiation of their sustainability claims.

In 2018, we have performed an LCA for the majority of products manufactured at our site in Gorinchem.


We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that safely meet our customer expectations and fulfilling our customer promise through quality and manufacturing systems and processes.

On a local level we operate in compliance with local regulations and legislation, while ensuring certifications are in place to meet customer and industry-adopted standards and requirements, such as ISO 9001, GFSI (BRC, FSCC22000), GMP+, GMP Pharma, FDA Pharma, Halal, Kosher, non-GMO, Organic, and FSMA. In addition we host customer audits predominantly from our international pharmaceutical customers and large food clients. These, and our self-assessment audits performed by our global Quality platform, ensure that we continue to improve our operational standards for quality and food safety.

In 2018, we maintained all certifications and our continued focus on customer complaint reduction resulted in a decrease of customer complaints by more than 25% compared to 2017.




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