Lactic acid, calcium lactate and lactylates for animal health

Our portfolio of lactic-acid based solutions helps you improve the nutrition and performance of farm animals – safely and naturally.

Lactic acid is a natural product derived from fermentation and found naturally in all living species – ideal for natural feed ingredients.

Swine health
In swine farming, for example, our lactic acid products help piglets cope with weaning stress and maintain feed intake to ensure health and performance.

Poultry health
In poultry, our ALOAPUR lactylates help broilers cope with suboptimal conditions, enabling optimal growth performance; while our PURAC 80 DW (drinking water grade lactic acid) helps increase food safety of poultry products.

Cow health
The soluble and bioavailable calcium lactate in our CalFeed products helps high yielding dairy cows deal with hypocalcaemia; while CalFeed is also valued by calf milk replacer makers, who need to provide quick calcium to their calves.

The bottom line: Improved animal performance through all-natural feed ingredients.

Video: How to increase animal performance consistently?

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What benefits does our lactic acid deliver?

  • Naturally found in the animal’s body
  • Mild flavor
  • Good antimicrobial action
  • High L(+) content (the natural form)