Beating bacteria with lactic acid

The calcium lactate in our biobased pet food grade products is ideal for mastitis and hypocalcaemia prevention in dairy cows: It tastes good – and it’s safe.

Lactic acid is a natural product derived from fermentation. Found naturally in all living species, it’s safe and natural and can be used in feed (or fortified drinking water) for all animals.

Lactic acid is safe
Lactic acid is always safe and is well tolerated, even in high dosages; while the high solubility of the calcium in our CALFEED® calcium lactate is effective in many applications.

Preventing hypocalcaemia
For the first two months of lactation, high yielding dairy cows often suffer from hypocalcaemia. Our CALFEED solution helps provide much-needed calcium during this key period: It’s soluble, so calcium ions are directly available for uptake in the bloodstream.

Lactic acid teat dip to prevent mastitis
Mastitis is a threat to all dairy cows. Topical disinfection (teat dip) is widely recommended as a deterrent – particularly if it contains lactic acid combined with sodium chlorite, hydrogen peroxide, or glycerol monolaurate. In fact it also helps prevent hyperkeratosis.

Calcium lactate for shrimps
Shrimps need calcium for formation of their exoskeleton. Calcium lactate offers the calcium in a readily soluble and bioavailable form.