Healthier, happier pigs

For the pig industry our solutions tackle everything from reducing the impact of weaning stress, to improved feed intake, to health promotion and performance.

Weaning stress is a major challenge for the farming industry – impacting both profitability and performance. Our LAFEED® and CALFEED® HiSol feeding solutions taste good and provide newly weaned pigs with the comfort they so desperately need. 

Improved feed intake
Because they taste good, our products encourage piglets to eat more – not only good for maintaining a healthy weight but also reducing vulnerability to infections.

Improved gut heath
The lactic acid in LAFEED helps prevent gastric ulcers in piglets by combating the active agent (Helicobacter pylori) that causes them. Furthermore, LAFEED acidifies the stomach and delays gastric emptying by giving the pancreas more time to produce digestive enzymes - thus boosting protein digestion.

By retaining more nitrogen and phosphorous in the intestinal tract it means less nitrogen is available for production of ammonia and biogenic amines in the large intestine - thus inhibiting growth of Escherichia coli and Salmonella.