Superior performance

Microelectronics manufacturers maintain some of the world’s most rigorous quality standards. They also feel pressure to curb their use of fossil-based solutions. Based on lactate esters, Corbion's PURASOLV® range of biobased solvents are an excellent alternative to conventional solvents, offering both safety and high performance.

Exceptional biobased solvents for the microelectronics industry

The purity of PURASOLV ELECT, our superior grade ethyl lactate, is ideally suited to the most advanced applications. But we never stop working to improve on its specifications and efficacy to stay ahead of evolving industry standards.



Product quality & performance - Corbion delivers products of consistently high quality, backed by equally outstanding service, to meet microelectronics industry standards. PURASOLV ELECT and ELECT Ultra combine low-metal specifications with rigorous Statistical Process Control (SPC) to provide consistency across all product parameters.




Quality assurance & services - Corbion customers can count on receiving the highest-quality products and services. Rigorous quality controls ensure consistency and traceability throughout production, and our clean room sample processing and analytics are backed by dedicated technical and quality assurance support.



Security of supply - Corbion's integrated supply chain, with lactic acid facilities on four continents, enables us to offer excellent security of supply. With a global supply chain and product registrations, we can effectively support your global operations and deliver consistent product quality across regions. We employ multiple sourcing and stock keeping strategies as part of our commitment to Business Continuity Planning (BCP). In practical terms, this means we offer reliability, even when the unexpected happens and our customers need it most.



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