Tailor made: Lactic acid for leather

Our biobased lactic acid boosts the deliming process in leather production – increasing effectiveness, cost and safety.

Lactic acid produced through the fermentation of carbohydrates (sugar) such as our PURAC® brand is today being used by leather tanneries and beam house operators as a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional materials.

How does lactic acid benefit leather?

Through a gradual pH-reduction our solution boosts intact hide tissue, delivering excellent leather properties. Meanwhile the outstanding solubility of the calcium lactate formed from lime and lactic acid enables lime to be removed fast and easily. The result: Softer leather and a finer grain-structure; plus a faster deliming process with no calcium sulphate deposits on the leather.

Lactic acid gentle on hide tissue

Our solutions have a mild effect on hide tissue, leaving collagen bonds intact to produce both strong and soft leather with a fine grain-structure.
And because PURAC penetrates quickly into hide tissue, this creates a thick, full-substance hide and faster deliming that opens up the grain and enables other additives to penetrate more easily.

PURAC for a safe deliming process

Thanks to its excellent health, environment and safety properties, our PURAC lactic acid also helps you control costs in the production process - and in waste disposal. For example, there are no nitrogen-containing compounds or vapor to worry about – and it’s low odor.

PURAC: Your safe alternative

Need an excellent deliming agent for a high-quality, leather finish? Our PURAC lactic acid is an environmentally and toxicologically safe alternative to deliming agents like ammonium sulphate and ammonium chloride.