Co-creation: a new definition
of partnership

Innovating and differentiating is vital to staying ahead in the oil industry. At Corbion, we believe two heads are better than one. We’re at the forefront of our technologies and together we will enable you to achieve more.  Our experience in multiple industries gives us unique expertise, creativity and technical solutions that can directly benefit your productivity, efficiency and profitability.


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- Need to improve performance, boost sustainability or enhance efficiency? We can help.

- Have an idea you’re not sure how to progress? Let’s explore it together.

- Maybe you’ve got a challenge that seems impossible. We’ll take it on with you.


One of Corbion’s strengths is its ability to transfer ideas and solutions developed for one industry into another. In many industries like in agriculture, construction, home and personal care (HPC), and biomaterials, just like oil, a chemical’s technical performance is the top priority, but health and safety, and environmental impact come a close second. Regulation is becoming more stringent the world over. It is in matters like these that Corbion has made great strides and can bring huge value.


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Learning from the toughest challenges in home & personal care


We manufacture safe and environmentally-friendly antimicrobials that act as effective preservatives to replace no longer wanted chemistries like isothiazolinones. Furthermore, we brought descaling agents and solvents to the market, whose performance equals or beats traditional alternatives, yet which satisfy the demands of consumers, regulators and pressure groups alike. We can translate this knowledge to solve your challenges.


A dynamic, progressive partner for the oil industry


Many of the issues facing the oil industry are also found in other sectors, including agrochemicals, construction, home & personal care and biomaterials. As a well-established partner and innovator within these sectors too, Corbion has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience that is directly applicable to, and can be beneficial for, oil producers and their suppliers.


Our focus on game-changing biobased technologies and our co-creation strategy constitute a unique powerful proposition for the oil sector. We seek partnerships with like-minded organizations who believe that together, we can tackle the most challenging problems.


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