Biobased polymers: Time to make the change?

You can use our biobased products as process additives or as reactants of building blocks across a broad range of polymer applications to create better, more sustainable products.

The greatest benefit we bring to the polymer industry is sustainability: Our portfolio is biobased with a low carbon footprint.

Lactic acid for acrylic super-absorbent polymers

You can apply our lactic acid - and derivatives like sodium lactate - to the surface of super-absorbent polymer particles after polymerization. This keeps the surface pores open when the particle starts to absorb water. Result: Faster water absorption. These products are easy to handle and skin-friendly in final applications, like diapers and hygiene products.

Lactic acid for polyurethane systems

Lactic acid and its derivatives are ideal for chemical foaming products used to produce polyurethane (PU) hard foams. Compared to formic acid, our solution is far less corrosive thanks to the chemical incorporation of lactic acid into the polyurethane matrix; plus the double activity of the lactic acid molecule (through both its hydroxyl and acid group).

Lactides for Polylactic Acid (PLA)

Our PURALACT® lactides are ideal monomers and co-monomers for the production of biobased polymers and resins - and specifically the poly lactic acid (PLA) and coating resin markets. Bottom line: They deliver fast and efficient polymerization of relatively high molecular weight polymers. Read more>>