Lactic acid for textiles: A perfect fit

When it comes to textile dyeing and finishing, our biobased lactic acid solutions are not only highly effective but also sustainable.

PURAC® is our natural L-lactic acid, produced by fermentation from sugar and used in many chemical applications for pH-regulation and metal sequestration.

Textile dyeing acids neutralize several components in dyestuffs: Dyeing needs to happen in an acid medium to fix the colors and achieve a high resolution. In mordant dyeing processes, acids also fulfil the function of chrome level effluent control, as a consequence, enabling higher dye-yields.

PURAC lactic acid versus acetic acid for textile

Although acetic acid is often used in textiles, its volatility and long-term pH shift can cause vapors and irritation in open, often hot, dye baths, or damp rooms. PURAC solves this problem: It’s a 'heavy' acid with a mild scent.

How does lactic acid benefit textiles?

  • Low volatility, mild scent
  • Reduction of chrome effluent concentration
  • Biodegradable
  • High biobased content
  • Produced from renewable resources
  • Toxicologically and environmentally safe.