Soil Conditioning Takes a New Form

Encapso™ soil conditioner is a major step-change in the evolution of tunnel boring component delivery and is transforming the way operators fight sticking clays, water incursions and friction - resulting in superior boring efficiency and economics.


  • Increased advance rate by providing conditioning where it is needed most
  • Wear reduction owing to the tribological properties of triglyceride oils
  • Plasticizes spoils aiding muck removal
  • Improves stability of tunnel face, by reducing water incursion
  • Keeps ports open and clean when applied before shutdowns
  • Compatibility with slurries and foams due to natural encapsulation

Proven Performance

  • Seattle case study: 72% improvement in advance rate - 2X productivity
  • Laboratory tests: less cutter wear – fewer interventions – faster progress

Proved benefits through commercial use in a 21-foot diameter tunnel:

  • 72% improvement in advance rate after use in just 20 feet
  • Made operations smoother by improving consistency of movement
  • Improved productivity from 45 feet/day to 90 feet/day


  • Improved advance rate
  • Improved consistency of movement
  • Improved muck condition / consistency

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