Sustainability: Forging ahead with sustainability

It's all about aligning our business to meet the defining societal needs of our time, from health to resource depletion to population growth.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do - and we demonstrate it every day across our entire value chain, working to reduce the environmental impact in areas like waste, water, and energy.

We measure our sustainability performance based on environmental protection and social well-being; as well as economic performance. 

Through sustainable supply we’re making sure the responsible environmental and social performance of suppliers and searching for new sustainable raw materials.

With sustainable processes, we are increasingly using innovative and resource-efficient technologies based on renewable resources that cause less waste and don’t interfere with the food chain.

And through sustainable product solutions we are creating safe and healthy biochemicals – again, based on renewable materials.

Sustainable solutions

we would like to provide our customers with performance solutions based on renewable resources that enable them to reduce their environmental impact by:

  • Obtaining insights into the environmental impact of our products (Life Cycle Assessment).
  • Partnering with customers to assess and improve the impact of our products on their ecological footprint.
  • Be transparent about the environmental impact of products with a sustainability value proposition.