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At Corbion, we believe two heads are better than one. When we blend our expertise with your ideas and experience, we can develop truly ground-breaking products.


Our sustainable, biobased technologies can be the key to unlocking the potential of your product concept:

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Bio-based polymer design: With our unique co-polymer platform, we can fine-tune polymer structures to deliver specific properties and functionality for optimum performance. These include release profile, adhesion, barrier properties, impact resistance, viscosity and more. All while helping to solve biodegradability challenges.


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Antimicrobial protection: We provide superior dual-action antiviral and antibacterial performance through natural alternatives to the biocides traditionally used for disinfection and preservation.


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Solvency: Non-toxic, bio-based replacements for potentially unsafe solvents in diverse sectors such as agriculture. Our technology is ideal for reformulating green products and ensuring compliance with tightening environmental and health and safety legislation.


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Emulsification: Our multifunctional emulsifiers and surfactants enable you to create high-performance, next-generation personal care formulations – consumer friendly, natural formulations with robust chassis requiring fewer ingredients.


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