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At Corbion, we believe two heads are better than one. Blending our expertise with your ideas and experience, together we can develop truly ground-breaking products.

Our sustainable, biobased technologies can turn your concept into a commercial success:


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Bio-based polymer design – fine-tuning of polymer structures to deliver specific properties and functionality. These include release profile, adhesion, barrier properties, impact resistance, viscosity and more. 


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Antimicrobial protection – natural alternatives to traditional disinfection and preservation biocides. 


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Solvency – non-toxic, bio-based replacements for potentially unsafe solvents in diverse sectors. Ideal for reformulating green products and compliance with strict legislation.


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Emulsification – multifunctional emulsifiers and surfactants for simpler formulations with fewer ingredients. We’ll help you to create high-performance, next-generation personal care formulations. 


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