Lower VOC and reduce drying time with PURALACT® B3 monomer

Alkyd resins containing on PURALACT® B3 deliver improved resin and coating performance as well as lower VOC and CO2 footprint. Contact our technical experts for recommendations on use level and incorporation of PURALACT B3 into your resin.

Reduce environmental impact
PURALACT B3 is the ideal renewable building block to formulate your sustainable resin, allowing a reduced CO2 footprint.

Lower viscosity and VOC
Formulating your resin with PURALACT B3 will result in lower the resin and paint viscosity. This benefit allows to formulate high solid systems and to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Excellent aesthetics and UV durability
Resins containing PURALACT B3 contribute to coating with excellent appearance, improved initial gloss and gloss retention over time

Shorter drying time and fast return to service
Data shows that PURALACT B3 can significantly reduce drying time of the coating, a key benefit translating into faster application of the second paint layer, and a coating protected against spoilage caused by dirt, dust particles, etc.


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