Discover the unique properties of lactides

PURALACT® B3 is part of our family of versatile lactides that help improve performance across a wide range of polymer applications and reduce CO2 footprint. PURALACT® B3 is unique and particularly suitable for coating resins due to its very high purity profile.

We’ve used our 100 years’ experience in lactic acid to tailor solutions that improve the quality and consistency for polymer applications ranging from coatings and adhesives to foams, plastics and fibres.

PURALACT B3 gives you enhanced properties for polymer applications with less impact on the environment and it is cost-effective , making it an ideal renewable building block for your sustainable coating resins.

One of the key trend of the coating industry is sustainability and we are committed to support the coating industry by supplying  innovative and resource-efficient technologies based on renewable resources that cause less waste and don’t interfere with the food chain.

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Discover the unique properties of PURALACT B3 in coating resins: