Biobased cleaning products? It’s in your hands

If you’re looking for a dual-action descaling and soap scum removing ingredient that’s safe and sustainable – look no further than our PURAC® 88T.

PURAC 88T L-lactic acid is a remarkable descaling agent that offers outstanding performance thanks to its unique properties, including an Acid Dissociation Constant (pKa value), calcium salts solubility and molecule size.

Soap scum removal
Lactic acid like PURAC 88T is an ideal soap scum remover thanks to its molecule size, favorable pKa value and good water solubility. It compares well to a wide range of substrates and so can be used in many applications and areas, including window cleaning products, bathroom cleaning products and descaling products for home appliances.

Effective buffering capability
PURAC 88T also increases the stability of detergent formulations thanks to its buffering ability. It’s fully compatible with many detergent ingredients, and you can use it in all types of formulation, from anionic to nonionic.