The coronavirus pandemic has heightened public focus on the importance of hand hygiene. Health and governmental authorities worldwide stress the potential of conscientious hygienic practices.

PURAC® Sanilac: a powerful sanitizing solution against coronavirus

PURAC® Sanilac offers a range of critical benefits ideal for developing safe, environmentally friendly human hygiene products that protect against the coronavirus threat, such as hand sanitizers and disinfectant surface spray.

      • Effectiveness: kills the coronavirus
      • Supports lower alcohol content
      • Gentle on the skin
      • Safe, non-toxic for people and planet
      • Regulatory compliance - lactic acid BPR approved in the EU

Deliver effective hygiene using far less alcohol

Disinfectant products that provide a convenient means of sanitizing when hand washing is not an option are critical for protecting against viral threats such as the coronavirus. Frequent hand cleansing is critical to avoiding infection, but many disinfecting hand rubs and surface sprays dry out the skin and harm the planet because they contain high levels (>70%) of alcohol.

A dramatic spike in demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic is leading to shortages of alcohol supplies. PURAC® Sanilac is a sanitizing solution that reduces dependence on alcohols and thereby meets the market’s urgent needs. With PURAC® Sanilac, the ethanol content in a formulation can be lowered to 40%, delivering a sanitizer that kills germs, evaporates quickly and has a milder effect on the skin and planet. This solution will nearly double the amount of sanitizing product, helping our clients in the fight against the coronavirus. 

It doesn't cost the earth to save the earth

In addition to placing greater emphasis on good hygiene, today's consumers also are increasingly concerned about the environment. Disinfectants that are both highly effective and readily biodegradable are perceived as sustainable – an appealing quality in the eyes of a growing number of consumers. PURAC® Sanilac is produced by fermentation and therefore a fully biobased antiviral active for disinfecting products. This natural process is optimized continuously to ensure that it is as innovative, sustainable and resource-efficient as possible. As a result, PURAC® Sanilac has a very low carbon footprint.

PURAC® Sanilac is biobased and non-toxic for the environment and humans. PURAC® Sanilac has a Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) status. In other words, it does not sensitize skin and it is a safe alternative to many traditional biocides.

Antiviral effectiveness

PURAC® Sanilac’s antiviral effectiveness is achieved through a number of mechanisms that can act on various types of viruses, including the coronavirus, at different stages of their life cycle. The antiviral effectiveness of PURAC® Sanilac has been demonstrated by means of EN 14476, the European standard test method to evaluate the antiviral activity of consumer and I&I cleaning products.

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