What formulation challenges can manufacturers face when creating water-free/low-water concentrates for refill cleaners? 


Boosted preservative performance

Lactic acid is an emerging ingredient for in-can preservation that is an easy-to-use, label-friendly and safe alternative for formulators. As a preservative, Corbion’s lactic acid for in-can applications – PURAC® Sanilac – offers compatibility with other common detergent ingredients, including surfactants and alcohols. In fact, when added to a formulation with chelating agents and alcohols (like IPA), its performance as a preservative is boosted; offering potent efficacy and powerful biobased in-can preservation in cleaning and personal care formulations up to pH <4.5 and when combined with other preservatives up to pH <6.5.  

Easily replacing isothiazolinones, PURAC® Sanilac is a natural in-can preservative ingredient that helps bring products to market faster, while also allowing a quick and effective response to changing regulations and trends. 

When lactic acid is added to another preservative, the eco footprint can be decreased and efficacy increased. 

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Create effective and sustainable concentrates by combining antimicrobial and preservation power of PURAC Sanilac

Lactic acid is already being used in a number of cleaning and disinfectant products where it brings superior dual-action antimicrobial properties, without taking a toll on the planet. Depending on the requirements of the home care product, lactic acid concentration can be fine-tuned in the formulation. For instance, it can be increased to enable higher antimicrobial efficacy and protection against a wider range of bacterium and viruses. In addition, testing shows that lactic acid increases the descaling power of refill cleaners and promotes streak-free cleaning – combining multiple desired cleaning benefits in one single ingredient. As an example, formulators can use the following combinations to achieve different functions. In liquid concentrates, PURAC® Sanilac and other liquid lactic acid grades can be added without filler or biocides. 

In the powder products: 
• PURAC® Sanilac + filler = antimicrobial properties  
PURAC® Powder NS55 + low concentrate biocide = cleaning effect. 

Create concentrates that are powerful and sustainable with PURAC Sanilac: a biobased solution that combines antimicrobial and preservation properties in one.


A next generation preservative

PURAC® Sanilac is a safe, yet powerful alternative to traditional chemical biocides, like MIT and BIT isothiazolinones, delivering outstanding anti-microbial benefits and natural in-can preservation in a number of cleaning and disinfecting products, as well as fabric softeners. 

With the sanitizing strength of PURAC® Sanilac and its green credentials, you can meet the demands of today’s consumers, make products to market faster, while also allowing a quick and effective response to changing regulations and trends. PURAC® Sanilac is biobased and readily biodegradable making it a sustainable, natural biocide substitute that is non-toxic to humans and the environment. This is helping formulators and homecare product manufacturers meet the latest demand for safe, gentle and eco-friendly, yet high performing, products. 


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Lactic acid naturally present in human body and also forms a part of the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF).

Because PURAC® Sanilac is derived from L(+) lactic acid, which is produced by the skin naturally, it is skin-friendly and does not cause sensitization like isothiazolinone biocides, making it an attractive option for formulators looking to go safer and greener.

PURAC Sanilac provides distinct benefits compared to other in-can biocides:

  • A natural isothiazolinones replacement 

  • Easy-to-use 

  • Label-friendly 

  • Non-toxic to humans and to the environment 

  • Non-sensitizing to skin 

  • 100% biobased