A growing fan base for biobased solvents

Are you looking to replace organic and halogenated solvents for industrial and consumer applications? PURASOLV® is our family of esters of L-lactic acid. Clear, colorless liquids with a mild odor, our lactate esters are non-toxic, biodegradable – and most importantly, deliver outstanding performance.

The need for more sustainable solvents has never been greater in the industry.

PURASOLV® helps you tackle this challenge by offering a high performance cleaning system based on natural ingredients.

Today, this unique lactate ester is being used in everything from water-rinsable degreasers for industrial cleaning, to wipe solvents, to paint strippers and hand degreasers. (Several PURASOLV lactate esters are registered at the EPA under FIFRA as list 4A/4B inerts).

PURASOLV EL (ethyl-S-lactate) is our safe and sustainable solvent with excellent solvency, cleaning and degreasing power. Compatible with a wide range of substrates, it’s also recyclable. Good for people, planet and profit…