Carefree, natural protection with L-lactic acid

Our lactic acid-based solutions are ideal for maintaining vaginal acidity and pH balance in female hygiene formulations for washes and wipes – naturally.

Our PURAC® lactic acid helps restore the natural acidic balance of the vagina – which is easily disrupted by cleansing products.

While the vagina needs a pH of between 3.5 to 4.5 to function normally, many soap-based cleansing products can have a pH of up to 10; while even non-soap based products have a pH up to 5.5.

PURAC® maintains the natural balance of the vagina because it's a body’s own product. The result: Effective action against the unwanted microorganisms that tend to multiply in the vagina, causing discomfort and sometimes more serious symptoms.

Solutions for feminine hygiene: What’s the benefit?

  • Made from the body’s own L-lactic acid
  • pH adjustment
  • Buffering
  • Supports the body’s natural protection mechanism.

Which PURAC grade suits you?

We offer different grades of PURAC depending on your needs. For example, PURAC HiPure 90 is a highly concentrated, USP grade L-lactic acid. Meanwhile PURAC UltraPure 50 is a less concentrated, easy-to-formulate grade. Our UltraPure grade, on the other hand, offers the lowest odor available within the PURAC family; while another easy-to-use product is PURAC BF/P41 - a partially neutralized grade of L-lactic acid containing potassium lactate.