Products that work for men

Our biobased solutions for men’s skin and hair care products help increase sebum control; reduce oiliness; and prevent clogged follicles and ingrown hairs.

Based on natural lactic acids and fermented from carbohydrates, our portfolio gives formulators a competitive advantage across a wide range of applications.

Skin moisturization
For skin moisturization - especially post-shaving – our PURASAL® S/HQ 60 is a high purity sodium salt of natural L-lactic acid that’s both a non-tacky and effective humectant.

How do you exfoliate in skin care products with the optimum skin renewal vs. potential irritation? Our lactic acids like PURAC® BF P/41 are easy to formulate and can be classed as ‘the body’s own AHA‘ - except they perform better than other AHAs on the therapeutic index (skin renewal vs. potential irritation).

Sebum control
Our PURAMEX® ZN is a highly soluble zinc salt of L-lactic acid, that reduces sebum secretion, while maintaining moisturization.

Anti-dandruff & Anti-hair loss
PURAMEX® ZN zinc salts also help normalize sebum production on the scalp, thus reducing dandruff; while also being a useful complementary ingredient in hair loss applications.