Effective skin caring ingredients delivered by nature

Corbion Purac’s personal care products for skin care are effective, multi-functional ingredients. They are clinically proven, safe, biobased and easy to formulate.

Moisture from nature
As a major constituent of the NMF, lactates play an important role in the natural moisturizing mechanism of the skin. Adding lactates to skin care formulations provide moisturization benefits you can rely and build upon.

Corbion has three different moisturization products, each with its own specific performance and application area:

  • PURASAL® S/HQ 60, with its very high water binding capacity, is one of the most cost-effective skin moisturizing agents.
  • PURASAL® MOISTXS offers extended moisturization benefits for the skin, up to 24 hours after application
  • PURASAL® NH/COS is particularly efficient for very dry skin and helps to restore it to a normal healthy condition.   

The body’s own Alpha Hydroxy Acid with anti-aging benefits
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are well-known for their exfoliation, cell-renewal and anti-wrinkle properties. As the best anti-aging effects of AHAs are obtained at low pH, it is important to use the AHA with the lowest possible irritation potential. Compared to other AHAs, L-lactic acid has the best therapeutic index (high skin renewal vs low irritation), which makes it the AHA of choice for skin care. PURAC® HiPure 90 is a high purity, natural L-lactic acid grade. PURAC® BF P/41  combines the optimal exfoliation properties of L-lactic acid and the moisturization benefits of  potassium lactate.

Skin lightening that’s naturally visible
In recent years, growing health awareness has accentuated the consumer trend to strive for fairer complexion in both women and men. Corbion Lactic Acid and Lactates are amongst the most natural and safest ingredients available for skin lightening products.PURASAL® S/HQ60 has been clinically proven to enhance skin lightening as single ingredient. It can also act as booster of other skin whitening ingredients.

PURAC® Hipure 90 contributes to skin lightening, by revealing younger, brighter looking skin due to the stimulation of cell renewal and exfoliation.

Sebum control
Sebum is often a cause of skin blemishes. Zinc inhibits the activity of the key enzyme responsible for sebum production: 5-α-reductase. PURAMEX® ZN is a highly soluble zinc salt with a clinically demonstrated effect in reducing skin oiliness. At the same time it keeps the skin hydrated thanks to its lactate content.