Safe and biobased ingredients for a natural lighter, brighter skin

In recent years, growing health awareness has accentuated the consumer trend to strive for fairer complexion in both women and men. In some regions of the world and within certain cultures, fairer skin is desired. Globally, an increasing number of people invest time and money in keeping their skin as fair as possible for health or cosmetic reasons. They achieve this in a variety of ways.

Corbion Purac’s Lactic Acid and Lactates are amongst the most natural and safest ingredients available targeting both general skin lightening as well as the reduction of aging spots.

Skin lightening mechanisms of PURAC® and PURASAL®
For skin lightening Corbion Purac products are effective in three ways: 

  • Inhibition of Tyrosinase
  • Enhanced Activity of Whitening Ingredients
  • Stimulation of Cell Renewal

Corbion Purac products for skin lightening
Corbion offers three skin lightening products, all with their own benefit. As potassium is used in cells by renewal, growth and repair, one of the best choices for lightening is PURAC® BF/P41. Alongside measurable skin lightening effect, PURASAL® S/HQ 60 is also a strong humectant and forms an important role of the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). In addition we can offer you PURAC® UltraPure, an unique, high-quality grade of L-Lactic Acid with an extremely low base odor and a water-clear appearance. This is Corbion’s purest natural Lactic Acid and brings powerful properties to formulations where an exceptionally low base odor is required.

Our range of skin lightening products are highly effective, multifunctional solutions for all types of skin lightening formulations.


*Raw material approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE conform the ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics standard.