Anti-aging solutions: ‘Taking a look to the future’

Whether stimulating exfoliation and cell renewal or increasing dermal- and epidermal thickness in anti-aging formulations, our solutions are affordable, effective, multifunctional and natural. Biobased and safe to use, our portfolio helps maintain a smooth, radiant, younger looking skin.

Anti-aging supported by the body's own AHA, L-Lactic Acid
We returned direct to nature for our anti-aging solutions: In fact our biobased lactic acid could be considered 'the body's own AHA', as it’s exclusively produced by the metabolic conversion of glucose or glycogen in the body.

Compared to other AHAs, lactic acid has the best therapeutic index (skin renewal versus potential irritation): The ideal choice for exfoliating and anti-aging formulations.

Cost-effective anti-aging solution
AHAs like our lactic acids have been used in anti-aging treatments for decades: They remain some of the most cost-effective anti-aging active ingredients available today.

Effective and multifunctional
Our lactic acid-based solutions are ideal for different types of formulations, across a range of pH levels and concentrations in the final formulation.