Say hello to high-performance gluconate minerals

GLUCONAL® is our family of high performance, gluconate minerals.

GLUCONAL, Calcium Gluconate products have a neutral taste. They’re highly soluble with good bioavailability, delivering minerals and electrolyte in both liquid and in solid applications, for injectable and oral use - from powder blends to human and veterinary parenteral applications.

Product portfolio
With GLUCONAL, we can help you fortify your products with a wide range of minerals. Take a look at the portfolio:

  • GLUCONAL®  CAM(USP, EP), Calcium gluconate monohydrate
  • GLUCONAL®  CADS(USP), Calcium D-saccharate
  • GLUCONAL®  FE(USP), Ferrous gluconate
  • GLUCONAL®  MG(USP), Magnesium gluconate
  • GLUCONAL®  K(USP), Potassium gluconate
  • GLUCONAL®  ZN(USP, EP), Zinc gluconate.

What can you use GLUCONAL for ?

Applications include :

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Powder blends
  • Parentals
  • Effervescent and chewable tablets
  • Liquid supplements & syrups
  • Lozengers.