Lactic acid: A natural choice

PURAC® PF is our pharma-grade lactic acid solution – ideal for many medical applications, from dialysis to metal sequestration.

PURAC® PF is based on natural L+ lactic acid, produced naturally by fermenting carbohydrates, and using the most stringent purification techniques.

The result: A high quality solution with a mildly acidic character ideal for demanding medical applications, as its derivates.

Pharma registrations

Please note our logo has been changed, but our pharma registrations stay under the existing legal entity names (PURAC Biochem bv and PURAC bioquimica SA). Our logo change will have no impact on our pharma registrations.

What can you use PURAC for?

  • Intravenous fluids
  • pH-regulation
  • Metal sequestration
  • Chiral intermediate
  • CAPD
  • Dialysis solutions
  • Anti inflammatory agent
  • Moisturizing agent (ammonium lactate).