Keeping the supply chain strong

We’re continually optimizing our global supply chain network to improve quality, consistency, security and customer service. The result: No Hassle, maximum peace of mind for our customers.

We strive to continuously improve our delivery times and reliability – in fact our supply chain operation is supported by standardized documentation that further increases our speed and responsiveness to customers. In fact our Qualified Customer Service Desk is working on keeping the lead-time on all customer documentation requests to a minimum.

Safety and prevention
Our philosophy is simple: Prevention is better than cure. That’s why we work hard across the entire supply chain on incident prevention. This includes anextensive safety program; ongoing quality initiatives; and a maintenance program - as well as established risk identification and mitigation procedures.

Security of supply
What if the unthinkable happens? We’ve structured emergency response plans, crisis management procedures and business continuity plans in place to ensure customers benefit from the highest business reliability possible.

We know that security of supply is paramount – which is why we’ve built resilient supply chains with back-up possibilities from multiple production locations.