Helping the healing process

Our PURASORB® resorbable polymers for surgical sutures deliver a safe, effective and proven wound management solution.

Thanks to their outstanding biobased properties, our PURASORB polymers are today used in a wide range of synthetic resorbable mono-and multi-filaments for surgical sutures and other fiber-based products.

But our PURASORB family doesn’t just benefit patients: The materials can be produced via a range of processing techniques, including extrusion, fiber-spinning, braiding and coating processes - and it’s compatible with different sterilization techniques.

Resorbable polymers for surgical sutures

When it comes to resorbable polymers for mono-and multi-filament fibers, our PURASORB solutions are commercially available in our Polylactide platform, our PLGA (lactide/glycolide copolymers) platform, and our Capro (lactide/caprolactone copolymers) platform.





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