The quest for crusty bread

Your consumers’ preferences are evolving; your product offerings should be too. Which is where our crusty bread and specialty bread applications can help you differentiate yourself from the competition by delivering a fresh and satisfying product.

Our bases, mixes and functional ingredients for crusty and speciality breads enable you to create everything from hoagies to baguettes and Kaiser rolls.

The result: Consistent quality, freshness, and appearance of your products. Delicious. 

Crusty is king

Within ISB breads, crusty breads have the highest penetration at 44.2% and are purchased 4.3 times per year.

      Freshfacts Shopper Insights and Nielsen Perishable Group

Diversify your specialty bread line

Diversifying your specialty bread line has never been simpler than with our Premium Bread Program. Using our diverse line of Artisan products you can produce eye-catching breads that will turn your bakery into a destination for consumers.

Our Premium Bread Program offers:

  • Extended flavor varieties
  • Various shapes/sizes to fit your needs
  • Less production & waste
  • Longer shelf life
  • Ability to have demi loaves