Gluten Reduction

Achieve more consistent product quality, rely less on vital wheat gluten supplementation.

Your customers want bakery products that deliver consistent quality, but with wheat protein varying year to year, many bakers depend on supplementation with vital wheat gluten in order to meet those expectations. That often means dealing with volatile pricing, security of supply issues, and the cost and inconvenience of having to frequently adjust mix time and absorption.

Corbion’s Pristine® 100 G helps give your dough the tolerance needed to achieve consistent quality while spending less on gluten supplementation.

Pristine 100 G: The clean label dough improver

With Pristine 100 G, you have a drop-in solution that reduces or eliminates the need to include often expensive vital wheat gluten in your formulation. It won’t compromise gas retention during proofing, volume or oven spring, and it won’t complicate your ingredient label, either. Add Pristine 100 G to your existing dough formulas and shrink the impact of changing crop year protein levels – and the expense of gluten supplementation – on your business.