Keep baked goods fresh and mold free with Verdad®

Now, it’s easier than ever to meet the growing consumer demand for clean label products. Corbion offers clean label mold inhibitors for breads and rolls that deliver the shelf life you need with label friendly ingredients.

Consumer expectations are loud and clear
Every day, consumers make it clear: They want foods with cleaner labels … without giving up any part of the quality eating experience they’re used to. Their favorite breads, flat breads, tortillas and buns have to taste delicious and stay fresh all week, too. How can you give them what they want? Trust Corbion to make it possible; we’ve been producing natural solutions for food manufacturers since 1937. We’ll use our proven fermentation and microbiology expertise to help you achieve the mold inhibition and pH control you need to deliver uncompromising quality in your baked goods without depending on unwanted ingredients. 

Proven clean-label technology
Some fuzzy things are nice, but moldy bread isn't one of them. Solutions based on Corbion’s Verdad and Purac lines can help you make sure your clean-label bakery products stay fuzz-free.

Milestones in the evolving "clean label" movement occur when a natural solution rivals the efficacy of traditional synthetic solutions without undermining product quality. Our award-winning Verdad MP 100, a naturally derived, proprietary combination of vinegar and natural flavor, does just that. Matching the mold-inhibiting ability of calcium propionate, Verdad MP 100 stops mold effectively without adversely affecting the flavor of the finished product. It’s a solution that sets you up to give your customers exactly what they want – baked goods that are simply delicious.

Make mold inhibition a natural choice with Corbion.