Non-GMO Baking Solutions for Meeting Consumer Demands

Research confirms what you may be sensing: More consumers have now heard of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and that awareness is making an impact. Trends from 2014 indicate consumers are buying more non-GMO products than they did in the past.

According to Corbion research, over half of the consumers surveyed indicated they would be less likely to purchase baked goods if front of package labeling indicates the product is made with GMOs. Keep in mind, pending legislation may require such labeling.

The solution is transparent: Use non-GMO options

Corbion is adding innovative non-GMO emulsifiers and mixes and bases to our portfolio to ensure you can still find the trusted options you’ve always appreciated, only now in a non-GMO formulation. Tasty new options are available for everything from dough and yeast leavened bakery products to sandwich cookies and custard-like filling. Learn more!