PURAMEX® and GLUCONAL® are our natural lactate and gluconate minerals.

The mineral salt of natural lactic acid, PURAMEX is ideal for mineral fortification in beverages – helping you meet the growing consumer trend for healthier products.

PURAMEX can be formulated into capsules, tablets or liquids – either as a therapeutic or nutritional supplement.


GLUCONAL is the mineral salt of natural gluconic acid. Much like PURAMEX, this white powder is ideal for the fortification of beverages like sports drinks.

Both PURAMEX and GLUCONAL have little impact on taste.

Optimizing your fortified beverage is easy

Beverage Fortification Calculator

Using our unique Beverage Fortification calculator, it’s easy to size up your fortified beverage formulation, quantifying important factors that include pH, osmolality and precipitation. The tool is compatible with a variety of calcium sources.

Just fill in some basic information about your formulation and other parameters. We’ll send you back a customized scientific report in PDF form via email that will help you quickly assess whether adjustments are needed.