The process of developing new beverage products has never been faster or easier, thanks to three science-based beverage formulation tools developed, and made available to you, by Corbion.

Whether your focus is beverage fortification in juices, dairy or dairy alternatives, or you just need to predict the pH of your preliminary formulation, using these tools can shorten your beverage R&D process by tackling complex calculations before you begin testing in the lab.

Try using these tools in the development of your next beverage product and get it to market faster:

Corbion® ELECSIS

Corbion ELECSIS performs multiple simultaneous scientific calculations based on physical chemistry, allowing you to quickly predict characteristics of your formulation, including pH, titratable acidity, osmolality, water activity and ingredient interaction. Corbion ELECSIS is available to registered users and is password protected.

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Corbion® ELECSIS Wizards

Each of the Corbion ELECSIS Wizards can be used to calculate a specific parameter of your formulation using the same science-based engine that is behind Corbion ELECSIS. These Wizards are available for use by a wider range of selected beverage companies and are password protected.

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Corbion® Calculators

These calculators are available for use by anyone. No registration required:

Beverage Fortification Calculator

 – You provide some basic information about your formulation and our unique calculator will help you size up your fortified beverage, quantifying important factors that include pH, osmolality and precipitation.

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Mineral Calculator

 – When adding minerals to beverages, this tool helps you calculate the dosage needed to reach the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) level desired.

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The table below outlines the various functionalities provided by each of Corbion’s beverage formulating tools. Please contact us using the link below should you have questions regarding any of these tools.