What’s more appealing: a luscious, flavorful beverage, or a luscious, flavorful beverage that’s also a rich source of added nutrition?

Whether they prefer a juice-based or dairy-based beverage, or even a dairy alternative, consumers love a delectable drink that's also a rich source of calcium. Corbion's fortification solutions, expertise and calculation tools help you deliver that nutrient boost and all the sensory attributes they want: delicious flavor, a smooth mouthfeel and a stable, sediment-free product.

Studies show that calcium consumption – which is important for bone health – is especially low in some regions; globally, milk consumption is declining and bone diseases such as osteoporosis are on the rise. Fortifying with added calcium responds to this growing consumer need and provides a compelling way to differentiate your products in the market.

Solutions with advantages

Corbion’s mineral portfolio, which includes natural lactate and gluconate mineral salts and electrolytes, helps you create fortified beverages that respond to growing consumer demand for healthier drinks. We also offer nutritional premixes that make your product development faster and easier.


Whether you want to fortify your beverage with calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc or sodium – or some combination of these – we can help you do it without sacrificing taste or product stability. Corbion's solutions offer:


  • Outstanding stability in high-protein, neutral-pH drinks
  • Instant solubility in low-pH drinks, reducing processing time
  • Excellent bioavailability for rapid absorption by the body
  • Neutral flavors that won’t add to your formulation challenges

Whether you're creating a fortified fruit juice beverage, vitamin water or isotonic drink, you can optimize its flavor and nutritional profiles using our:

  • PURACAL® - Highly soluble and bioavailable calcium lactate with no grittiness
  • GLUCONAL® - Instantly soluble, highly bioavailable magnesium and zinc lactates
  • PURAMEX® - Highly soluble magnesium, zinc, potassium and calcium lactates with low flavor impact
  • PURASAL® S - Mildly salty sodium lactate with high stability and water-holding capacity
  • PURASAL® HiPure P Plus - The cleanest tasting potassium lactate available, excellent for achieving a high RDI level for making a health claim.

With guidance from Corbion experts and time-saving tools like our online beverage fortification calculator, you can bring innovative, crowd-pleasing beverage products to market faster.

Contact us to learn how we can help you create a delicious fortified beverage your customers will come back for again and again.

Optimizing your fortified beverage is easy

Beverage Fortification Calculator

Using our unique Beverage Fortification calculator, it’s easy to size up your fortified beverage formulation, quantifying important factors that include pH, osmolality and precipitation. The tool is compatible with a variety of calcium sources.

Just fill in some basic information about your formulation and other parameters. We’ll send you back a customized scientific report in PDF form via email that will help you quickly assess whether adjustments are needed.

So how can mineral salts benefit your consumers?


Fortify your beverage using our natural, lactate and gluconate mineral salts and electrolytes to add nutritional value that can win over health-conscious consumers. For greater speed and convenience, try our nutritional premixes.

Cognitive health

Brain health and memory is important for everyone, but especially for an ageing population. Calcium has approved health claims for ‘normal neurotransmission’.

Bone health

Milk consumption is decreasing while bone-related conditions like osteoporosis are increasing. Calcium fortification represents a great opportunity for differentiation based approved claims from the EU and other regulators.