To create a winning soft candy, you must achieve two key attributes: uniquely irresistible flavors and product quality – inside and outside – that remains stable throughout your product’s shelf life.

On the outside, our buffered PURAC® Powder acids give your acid-sanded candy the sourness you want – instantaneous but long-lasting, with extreme sourness or enhanced fruit flavors. They also offer high stability and low acid migration, even in hot, humid conditions, thanks to their low hygroscopicity. As a result, your product will remain dry and visually appealing to consumers much longer.

On the inside, you can give your soft confections the distinctive flavor profile you want while delivering optimal texture and stability using our PURAC® liquid specialties. Most acidulants tend to weaken gel strength in candies that include gelatin. But Corbion’s buffered acids allow these candies to retain greater gel strength, creating firmer texture and reducing the need for gelatin by as much as 7%.

In addition to helping you optimize costs and product quality, Corbion has developed predictive modeling tools based on decades of application expertise and scientific research that can shorten your product development process.

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