You want to give sour-seeking candy lovers a flavor that wows them instantly, but to do that in a confectionery panning application without undermining product quality can be a paradoxical challenge; the high acidity that creates standout sourness can also compromise stability and lead to a sticky, visually unappealing product.

Applying an acid in the core of your soft-panned sour candy may avoid stability problems in the confectionery coating, but it delays delivery of the sourness you want your customers to experience right away. Applying it in the panning layers can threaten stability.

This is a job for Corbion. Helping you achieve the flavor you’re looking for, and keeping it in perfect balance with other critical attributes of product quality, is what we do.

PURAC® Powder MA

Corbion developed PURAC® Powder MA specifically for use in sour confectionery. Our patented, oil-free coating technology gives this powdered malic acid ingredient a unique combination of attributes that make it the ideal solution for your sour panning application: high stability, low hygroscopicity, low acid migration and a clean but intense sour taste that releases instantly. These characteristics discourage sugar inversion and interaction between the candy’s core and panning layer, resulting in a product that retains its shape and smooth surface.

Due to its narrow and controlled particle size distribution, PURAC Powder MA also offers enhanced flowability, minimal dustiness, and homogeneous distribution of sourness, which helps prevent product losses.

Most importantly, these characteristics enable you to deliver sourness in the panning layer, creating a quality product differentiated by its outstanding flavor. Problem solved. 

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