Delicious dairy drinks

We bring you acidification and fortification solutions in pasteurized milk, yoghurt drinks and other dairy beverages.

Fortification of pasteurized milk

Our PURACAL® calcium lactate can be added to the milk (along with a sequestrant) boosting calcium content without affecting the dairy flavor.

Fortification in yoghurt drinks

Whether it’s fruit or non-fruit yoghurt drinks, our fast-dissolving PURACAL® PP calcium lactate boosts calcium content by up to 50% with little or no compromise on taste.

Solutions for acidified milk beverages

Our calcium lactate gluconate, PURACAL® XPro, helps acidify milk drinks with a smooth silky mouth feel, a mild neutral flavor – and no influence on stability.

Additional fortification opportunities

Next to our proven range of calcium salts, Corbion offers mineral lactates and gluconates such as GLUCONAL® Zn. To North American dairy producers Corbion offers vitamin and mineral blends under the Nutrivan® brand name. Tailored to meet unique needs, Nutrivan® helps fortify dairy products while benefitting from reduced time, cost and convenience in production.