Applications for fresh cheese

From milk acidification in cheese making, to mozarrela preservation, to coagulation in cottage cheese and ricotta…our lactic acids will boost your dairy applications.

Here are just four of the specific ways that our biobased solutions can help create better dairy applications.

Milk acidifcation in cheese making

Simply add our PURAC® natural lactic to the milk during the cheese making stage. The result: Extremely effective pH reduction that provides a natural fit with dairy products with a mild, pleasant taste.

Yeast and mold control of semi-hard and hard cheeses

Verdad® F95 is well suited to control yeast and mold in dairy. It can be applied directly on the surface of cheeses, like e.g. on the surface of foil-ripened cheeses or underneath the coating layer of naturally ripened hard or semi-hard cheeses. It can also be applied as ingredient in the coating layer. Verdad® F95 consists of 50% organic acid salts, predominantly propionate. 

Ricotta coagulation

By adding PURAC® to the whey of ricotta cheese, you change the protein structure by coagulating the albumin and globulin. The result is great texture and natural dairy-like flavor.

Mozarella preservation

When our PURAC® 80 liquid is added to mozzarella brine, it's proven to preserve the freshness, softness and elasticity of the brine – as well as preserving the color and lightness of the end product…with no compromise on flavor.