Corbion has a long history of providing innovative solutions to the food industry, from inventing lactylates and commercializing hydrated mono-glycerides to the development of our award-winning Trancendim crystal modifiers. We work hard to understand a customer’s needs to find the right solution for their application. We're proud to serve the food industry through the passion of our people, the creative application of technology and an ongoing commitment to our customers’ success.

High Quality

Only the best raw materials are selected for use in Corbion's products. In addition, industry-leading manufacturing processes and analytical standards are employed to ensure that the products delivered to you are of the highest quality

Product Diversity

Corbion offers a diverse emulsifier portfolio utilizing a range of fat and oil sources to help us customize functionality in the end application. We offer many forms and packaging options to suit our customers’ processes. Our two emulsifier manufacturing sites offer flexibility in terms of run size, Kosher and GMO status. We also have the capability to make functional blends of emulsifiers and complimentary ingredients to deliver synergistic, convenient solutions.

Research and Innovation

Corbion has deep roots in emulsifier technology; we developed many key products used in the baking and processed food industries. We are committed to research and innovation. This is exemplified by our research and state-of-art level instrumentation as well as the diversity in our scientists’ fields of study. We constantly strive to remain at the forefront of technology in order to provide new solutions for your un-met needs.



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