Enhance products and improve production with PGME emulsifiers, from the experts at Corbion

When consumers find a sweet good they like, they want it to look and taste the same, every time they buy it. Protect your product predictability! PGME emulsifiers from Corbion help you produce delicious results, time after time.

Made specifically for baking mixes, cakes, sweet goods and snack cakes, this emulsifier system enhances aeration to create better volume and crumb structure. 

Along with improved aeration, our PGME emulsifiers improve the whip-ability and foam stability in batter systems and dry mixes. It also allows you to use liquid oils in batter applications, rather than solid fat.

Translation? With this emulsifier system in the mix, your cakes, muffins and baked goods will reap the benefits of today AND tomorrow: hassle-free production, consistent performance, and a product that eats great, every single time. 

Let us prove it to you

It's one thing for us to tell you that our emulsifiers are best in class, but it's better for you to see for yourself. Take us for a test drive. Request your own sample of emulsifiers for your sweet goods today, and let us prove our expertise in delivering consistent deliciousness. After all, your consumers expect a lot from you. You should expect a lot from us.