A fresh approach to fresh meat

Protecting fresh and extending shelf life is one of the industry’s greatest challenges: Our meat preservation solutions improve your effectiveness while giving your products greater consumer appeal…

Our fresh meat preservation solutions help you achieve the dual goal of combating microbial spoilage while extending shelf life and boosting color stability in fresh meat.

For example, our PURASAL® brands of natural lactates inhibit growth of spoilage organisms of fresh as well as pathogens like Salmonella.

Added consumer appeal

As well as boosting fresh meat safety, we can help you improve the aesthetic appeal of meat. For example, lactates prevent discoloration in fresh meat where enzymes continue to react with the haemoglobin, reducing the red color that consumers love.

Meanwhile our Verdad® brand is proven to extend shelf life by up to 100% - not only more convenient for consumers but more cost effective for manufacturers.

Three ways we benefit your fresh meat

- Extended microbial shelf life

- Improved color stability

- Reduced Salmonella and E. coli.